It has been said that the mediaeval pilgrimage represents the beginning of modern tourism. As the numbers of pilgrims reached hundreds of thousands, the Catholic church was forced to give them extra support by constructing special hospices around Europe. The pilgrimage became a source of income for both the church and people who attended the pilgrims. For the Icelanders, the pilgrimage to Rome was the most common of these often dangerous trips which ended with the reformation. There are many accounts of such trips in the Icelandic Sagas.  


In the film the song-group Voces Thules perform many songs. Here you can listen to an example: Santus


Sumarlidi R. Ísleifsson


Gudmundur Bjartmartsson


Hjalmtyr Heiddal.

Music director:

Sverrir Gudjonsson

Extracts from the film

This film is based on the unique travelogue of Nikulás Bergsson, an Icelandic Abbot who made a pilgrimage to Rome and the Holy Land  in the year 1150. 


the Pilgrim

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