Director: Hjalmtyr Heiddal

Script: Karl Smari Hreinsson and Hjalmtyr Heiddal

Camera: Hjalmtyr Heiddal

Editing: Elisabet Thoroddsen

Producer: Hjalmtyr Heiddal

Duration: 52 min.

Supported by The Icelandic Filmcentre. Ce. Páll Baldvin Baldvinsson

The Stained Glass Windows had been salvaged from Coventry’s Medieval Cathedral before it was bombed out by the German Luftwaffe.  But in 1942 they simply disappeared, stolen from the storage in Hampton Lucy. Much later, it is discovered that many of the stained glass windows had found their way to Iceland.

How did this happen?

It is a mystery of conflicting stories, misplaced documents and confusing contradictions.

Spoils of War

The Saga of the Coventry

Stained Glass Windows