Djúpavík is a ghost-town in an area in Iceland where hardly anybody lives any more. In 1934, in the middle of the Great depression, Djúpavík was a boomtown. A big fishmeal-processing factory was built as the military powers prepared for war. There was a great demand for the fishmeal and liver oil. Several hundred people moved to this Icelandic Klondike. But as can be seen in this  documentary film there are only memories left. The story is told by Páll Sæmundsson, the last man to leave Djúpavík.


This documentary was made in 1988.

Writers: Finnbogi Hermannsson and Hjalmtyr Heiddal


Hjalmtyr Heiddal

Music: Gunnar Thordarson

Duration: 45 min.

Supported by The Icelandic Filmcentre

The Herring made

us all rich

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