In Ófeigsfjord in North-West Iceland the old whetstone has been used to sharpen the knives for five generations. There are still some eccentrics like Petur Gudmundsson who live on and use the resources as his forefathers have done over the centuries. Here people have lived from the earth’s resources for generations: farming, fishing, collecting birds eggs and gathering driftwood. 


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The Old Whetstone

Writer/Director/Cameraman/Editor/Producer: Hjalmtyr Heiddal


Competition Festival International du Film Insulaire France 2005,

Ecocinema Official Competition Greece 2004,

101 Holmavik Film Festival, Iceland 2004,

Rastegele Foca Turkey 2003,

Reykjavik Shorts&Docs 2003.

Green Unplugged USA 2011.

Artic  Film Festival

Minnesota, USA  2012

Duration: 45 min. Digibeta.

Released 2003

Get to know the North-West of Iceland

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The Old Whetstone distributed in USA

National Film Network has published the film on DVD for distribution in schools and libraries

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